In this engaging and inspiring TEDx talk, John Sautelle explores the powerful role of stories in our lives, and how 'hidden' stories drive our choices and actions.

creating new stories for leaders, teams and organisations


The stories we tell and embody, individually and collectively, shape future performance. We help our clients shape new stories to achieve what they want.

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embodied intelligence

This workshop retreat is for leaders committed to becoming the best possible version of themselves, and for the coaches and facilitators who support them.

The Embodied Intelligence program will help you expand your capacity to deal with complex challenges and make wiser decisions, build on embodies stories to support you become who you want to be and rework those that hold you back, and increase your resilience and wellbeing through embodied practices.


Thursday 22nd August to Sunday 25th August, 2019

Hawkesbury Valley, Windsor, New South Wales


Thursday 19th September to Sunday 22nd September, 2019

Grand Rapids, Michigan