Strengthen Your Relationships

Our relationships at work and home are the source of much joy and pain.

Unresolved conflict, miscommunication, avoidance of difficult conversations and the inability to regulate strong emotions create disconnection in our relationships, directly undermining our effectiveness, well-being and performance.

Strengthen Your Relationships takes a very different approach to the multitude of programs seeking to address these perennial challenges.

Through surfacing, exploring and re-writing “overprotective” stories driving disconnection, and amplifying stories supporting connection, we can learn how to re-direct wasted energy in ways that create greater self-awareness and stronger, more resilient relationships. Learn more about why stories are so important here.

Until we do this self-development work we will struggle to implement the skills and strategies which make a difference.

Drawing on the latest research in psychology, neuroscience and adult development, John Sautelle’s Choose Your Stories Change Process sits at the heart of this experiential development program and taps into four sources of wisdom (Heart, Body, Mind and Spirit).


Workshop content

During the workshop you will:

  • Apply the Choose Your Stories Change Process to enable stronger relationships at work and outside work

  • Explore the purpose, identity and values stories at the heart of connection and disconnection in your relationships

  • Learn how your stories activate survival circuits in your brain which connect or disconnect you from others

  • Learn to recognise and change unhelpful automatic responses to disconnectionIdentify and rewrite inherited and adopted stories driving strong emotional reactions

  • Enhance your ability to quickly re-centre and regulate strong emotional reactions

  • Learn how to transfer the energy of conflict into learning and personal growth

The program builds on the frameworks and skills covered in the virtual, self-paced Mastering Difficult Conversations program. Information and registration for that program can be found here. Whilst not a pre-requisite for enrolment, we recommend you undertake Mastering Difficult Conversations to increase the value you will get from the Strengthen Your Relationships workshop.

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