Author of Choose Your Stories Change Your Life, John Sautelle is a highly experienced consultant, facilitator, mediator, senior executive coach and conference presenter.

He has designed and delivered development programs on seven continents and presented internationally on a variety of topics including 'Threat or Reward - Brain Science and Conflict’; ‘Future Trends – Action Learning Across Borders’; ‘Adaptive Challenges for Leaders’ and ‘Ride the Change Dragon’.

John has worked on some interesting projects including training action learning coaches in South Africa to work on community problems, assisting Senior Bombay High Court Advocates develop their mediation skills in Mumbai, and working in Dubai with emerging leaders from around the world.

Helping individuals, leaders and teams make the changes they want to make is what gets John out of bed every day with energy and passion! He believes in workplaces where individuals have a strong sense of purpose and meaning – a place where they can learn,  grow and make a positive contribution. 

Before moving into learning and development, John was founder and managing partner of a legal services firm for more than twenty years. He has a deep understanding of the challenges people face in today’s rapidly changing world. 

With four grown up children and two grandchildren, John is committed to helping make the world a better place for future generations.