Embodied intelligence

For future-fit leaders and coaches

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This workshop retreat in the Blue Mountains of NSW is for leaders committed to becoming the best possible versions of themselves, and for the coaches and facilitators who support them.

Humankind faces unprecedented challenges to overcome if we, and planet earth, are to survive. Overcoming these challenges requires “future-fit” leaders with access to the whole of their intelligence – mind, body and spirit. Leaders who are comfortable with paradox, who act out of purpose, who recognise and address the fears that hold them back and who create learning environments within which others can grow and thrive.

There is a strong business imperative for leaders to become the best they can be. In the words of Bob Anderson:

“Developing leaders who can navigate complexity is now a strategic priority—and, if done well, a competitive advantage. Beyond developing competency and capability, we need to develop leaders with courage and compassion, consciousness and character.”

- Robert J Anderson, Mastering Leadership: An Integrated Framework for Breakthrough Performance and Extraordinary Business Results

Facilitated by John Sautelle, leadership team coach and author of Choose Your Stories, Change Your Life, and Joanne Byrnes, Gestalt Therapist and Systemic Constellations trainer, this program supports you to accelerate your development journey, drawing on contemporary research and practices in the fields of embodied intelligence, systemic constellations and the power of embodied stories.


Enhance your capacity to achieve your goals by:

  • Accessing all aspects of your intelligence to make wiser decisions

  • Expanding your capacity to deal with complex challenges

  • Building on embodied stories to support you become who you want to be

  • Reworking embodied stories that hold you back

  • Changing unhelpful automatic “defensive” responses

  • Increasing your resilience and wellbeing through embodied practices

  • Exploring how physical mapping of work systems generates new insights for action

  • Generating new insights for action by exploring physical mapping of work systems

  • Progressing your developmental journey with support from colleagues


John Sautelle

In his professional work around the world John helps create confident, future-fit leaders and teams capable of navigating complexity. He supports leaders grow themselves and their people in sustainable and life-giving ways. Over the past 18 years he has led the design and delivery of many successful senior leadership programs for private, public and not-for profit sector clients.

John is the author of “Choose Your Stories, Change Your Life” which details the developmental change process he has evolved over the past 18 years drawing on the latest research in psychology, neuroscience and adult development. His work is also featured in his TEDx Talk: Whose Stories Are We Living?

Joanne Byrnes

Joanne facilitates and teaches Family and Systemic Constellation work. She complements this systemic work with Gestalt therapy which draws on embodied presence and field theory. Joanne has worked both here and overseas supporting clients to creatively access their potential, leading clients to step into higher functioning in their life.